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  • Dr. Joseph L. Baker

Pepperoni Pizza "Chaffle"

So, you ask--what is a Chaffle? The word “chaffle” refers to a waffle made with just cheese and eggs.

Our version has three simple main ingredients:

1 egg, 1 tablespoon of almond flour

1/2 cup of Mozzerella Cheese

We have added chopped uncured diced pepperoni to make them like pizza!

Crack your egg and whisk, add in the almond flour and cheese

Stir till combined

Fold in the diced pepperoni

We use a mini waffle maker for our chaffles: Be sure to turn it on and preheat

  • Spoon enough chaffle batter over the bottom plate of the waffle maker to just fill the bottom of the waffle grate

  • Close the waffle maker and allow to cook approx 2 minutes (waffle makers vary). You will know the chaffle is fully cooked when the steam subsides and the waffle maker is easily opened.

  • Carefully remove the chaffle with a fork from the waffle maker and enjoy! The pizza chaffles are good dipped in some marinara sauce too!

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